Oticon Connectline TV Adaptor 2.0/3.0
The Oticon TV Adaptor is an amazing achievement, it provides users with high quality sound from their TV direct to their hearing aids via streamer.

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Oticon Connectline TV Adaptor


The Oticon TV Adaptor is an amazing achievement, it provides users with high quality sound from their TV direct to their hearing aids.

The TV adapter works in conjunction with the Streamer Pro to wirelessly transmits the TV sound directly to the user’s hearing devices. Extended bandwidth capabilities allows the user to capture full levels of sound outputs, and low delay times eliminate echo and lipsync problems. The result is a natural sounding TV experience with crystal clear sound, free of noise and artifacts.

With ConnectLine TV, clients will:

  • enjoy a better speech intelligibility through a clear and echo-free sound quality
  • use the Streamer to set the TV volume to their own preferred level
  • switch from TV to Phone at the touch of a button
Ease of use
The TV adapter is easy to install and daily use with the Streamer is both userfriendly and secure. TV listening starts just by pressing the audio button on the Streamer.

The hearing instruments will react immediately if the phone rings and pressing the Streamer’s phone button will automatically switch the sound from TV to phone so the call can be taken.

Please select if you require the 2.0 Version or the 3.0 version. N.B the 3.0 Version is only compatible with the new oticon OPN hearing aids.

All cables and power supplys are included.  If you are a European customer then a European power plug will be supplied.


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Hello, is it possible to have a TV Adapter on two TV's in the same household? I have one TV upstairs and one in the finished basement and would like to use both -- not at the same time. In other words - can two Adapters be programed to the same Streamer? Sincerely, Ken Lewis Kentucky, USA

Yes, we believe this is possible. As you stated if you wish to use them at different times then it should be fine. Since the Streamer contains no pairing list for TV adaptors, it can only be paired and connected to one adaptor at a time. If you need to use another adaptor you will have to pair the Streamer to it every time you switch from one to the other. This is because pairing Streamer to a new TV adaptor deletes the pairing to the original adaptor.

Does this work with Oticon Acto Mini Rite hearing aids? Thank you

Yes they are compatible, the Acto range is the replacement for the Oticon Vigo. The Acto's are based on the new Rise 2 architecture similar to the Agil range at a slightly more affordable price. DOn't forget you will need a streamer to sync tv adaptor and hearing aids for full control. We have the complete pack including the phone adaptor here: http://www.keephearing.co.uk/p/1179416/oticon-connectline-range.html

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