Oticon Streamer Pro
Puts you in total control. Not only of program shifts and hearing aid volume, but of all sources of audio-based information, entertainment and communication.

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Oticon Streamer Pro

New Streamer Pro – the heart of ConnectLine – puts you in total control. Not only of program shifts and hearing aid volume, but of all sources of audio-based information, entertainment and communication.

By picking up the audio signal and sending it straight into both ears, the Streamer turns a pair of hearing aids into a small wireless headset. With no detectable delays in transmission, audio signals perfectly match any visual images. This can make all the difference when watching TV or using a computer.

A fully integrated system

Streamer Pro has been developed and thoroughly tested with hearing aid users in mind so that daily use is straightforward and intuitive. Looking much like a stylish MP3 player, the Streamer is worn around the neck and features three dedicated buttons for the core applications: phone, TV and microphone.

Streamer Pro offers...

  • Long battery life
    Up to eight hours of streaming time for a full day’s use.
  • Compact, user-friendly design
    Features texturised rubber edges for easier handling and a more comfortable grip.
  • Intuitive operation
    Three buttons makes it possible to instantly select and activate the application needed.
  • Compatibility
    Streamer Pro is compatible with all wireless Oticon hearing aids and ConnectLine devices for seamless, hassle-free upgrades.
Which Version?
The Open Version of the Streamer Pro means you can use the Streamer straight away without a visit to your Audiologist.  The Linked/Closed Version will have to be paired to your hearing aids by your Audiologist.

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Hi, I work as a receptionist and have to deal with clients booking appointments, answer the phone etc. I wear earing aids in both ears so it can be difficult understanding what people say more often than not these days. Would the Oticon streamer Pro *NEW* benefit me this way & is there a trial period option? Thank you

Hi, The streamer pro working with the oticon landline phone adaptor would help hugely with answering calls from a landline while at the same time allowing you to hear whats going on around you. You would need oticon hearing aids to work with the Streamer Pro. There is a 30 day money back guarantee as long as the products are in 'as new' condition. By all means try it but keep it ingood condition. Thanks

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