Siemens Tek wireless enhancement system
Tek wireless enhancement - Pure / Life / Motion A wireless enhancement used to connect hearing instruments to bluetooth capable devices like mobile phones, mp3 player, TV, Stereo

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Siemens Tek wireless enhancement system

The Siemens Tek needs to be paired with your hearing aids, this process must be carried out by a hearing professional.  Before purchasing this product please ensure that you have consulted your hearing aid dispenser and they are happy to carry out the work

Compatible with:  Pure / Life / Motion

If you enjoy watching TV or listening to music, you'll love our Blootooth compatible Tek™ wireless enhancement system. The Tek system transforms your hearing instruments into a precision-paired, high-performance stereo headset. With Tek, nothing gets between you and your world.

Tek lets you wirelessly connect to your favorite audio devices through an included dedicated remote - Tek Connect Remote Control. Stylish and powerful, Tek Connect lets you stream audio from your MP3 player, television, or other audio sources directly to your hearing instruments. It even acts as a hands-free wireless headset with your mobile phone using Bluetooth® wireless technology.

Package contents

Tek connect remote control with rechargeable battery and lanyard
Tek Transmitter (to connect to your television for example)
2 Power plugs with country specific adapters (one for remote control, one for Tek Transmitter)

1.8 m audio cable with 3.5mm stereo plug on one side and a 2.5 mm stereo plug on the other side
0.3 m audio cable with 3.5mm stereo plug on one side and a 2.5 mm stereo plug on the other side

2.5 stereo plug to 3.5 stereo socket
6.3 stereo plug to 3.5 stereo socket
RCA (cinch) to 3.5 stereo socket
RCA (cinch) to SCART




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USER GUIDE: Siemens Tek wireless enhancement system User Guide

Name : Anonymous
Review : simple to use, good price none works a treat USA save today!!! Online Shopper

Name : Anonymous
Review : high quality, quick response, clear buttons/screen, multi function programs a little pricey but still great discount compared to other places Siemens tek wireless so intuitive Online Shopper

Can the Siemens Tek transmitter be used with a small label microphone

Hello, as far as I know it can't.

Is the Tek compatable with my nhs Impact M?

Yes it is compatible

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